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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer different packages?

Yes, our prices are competitive as they stand, however we are sensitive to the current financial climate and to the wishes and hopes of couples to have the best day possible, so we are very open to putting together a package including band, DJ and any combination of add-on extras we have available at a reduced package price.

How do I secure my booking?

A deposit of €200 is required to secure your booking. Your deposit can be sent via Bank Transfer, by cheque, postal order, bank draft or in person at our showcases with cash or credit/debit card. Upon receipt of your deposit a confirmation email will be send outlining your booking.

Where can I come to see you?

Our showcases will be an ideal place to see us. contact us to find the next one closest to your area. 

What time will the band arrive?

We arrive at 8pm to all our weddings unless an alternative time is requested.

How long will it take for the band to set up?

We usually have both the band and DJ set in 45 minutes

What time will the band start?

It can differ from venue to venue but a typical start time would be 9:30pm / 10pm. Please note, if there is a delay in start time, due to long speeches or delayed dinner service, we may have to shorten the Band and/or DJ set as in compliance with the venues closing hours.

How long will the band play for?

We provide a 2 hour live set. A 15 minute break is taken for the venue to serve food, and tea/coffee to your guests.

Will you play our first dance?

Absolutely Yes!  Sometimes a couple request the original version of their song played via MP3 and that is ok with us too. We will have it downloaded and ready to play through our PA system. On the occasion that a song is chosen that is simply not possible to replicate as a four piece band like a large orchestra or an all female choir, or if we think we could not do the song justice for some reason, we may suggest playing the original version. 

How much notice do you need for our first dance?

It depends on the song you have chosen. If it is a song we already know or if it is an original track to be played via .mp3 then one weeks notice is fine. However if it is a new song to us, we would need at least one months notice as we may have a number of first dance songs to learn. If notice for your chosen song is left too late, you will always still have the option of playing the original song via .mp3.

Will the band at the showcases be the same band at our wedding?

Yes, we are an exclusive wedding band and there is only one version of The Next Step. Only in the event of serious illness or a family bereavement will it differ. If so, we have professional musicians on hand to step in.

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